Charlie Price

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Charlie Price is one of the most recognizable faces in the professional salon industry - He travels the world educating entertaining and inspiring hairstylists - in his uniquely irreverent and fearlessly fun way. He has been a fixture backstage at NY Fashion week for years - has seen his photo work published world wide- and has won many industry honors. Price was named International Hairstylist Of The Year and was awarded the title of North American Hairstylist of the Year twice - the first American to do so. He has made memorable TV appeances on Ambush Makeover - Shear Genius 2 and Global Beauty Masters.




The Fashion Formula

Two times NAHA North American Hairstylist of the year and International Stylist of the Year winner Charlie Price will showcase his formula for creating beauty images and how to interpret trends. He will reveal the secrets behind the photographs that have garnered him 19 industry nominations and been published worldwide.


Updo Renaissance

Having a command over classic hairdressing is a cornerstone to every beauty master's repertoire- every bit as much as coloring or cutting. Charlie will teach you timeless looks and useful tips and tricks for the salon- studio and runway alike. Looks and techniques that will serve you all the years of your career.


Building a Mystery

Charlie will share knowledge and experience of working with artists such as Faatemah Ampey and Ruth Roche to unravel the "mysteries behind creating beauty images”  from concept to creation of building a Portfolio, secrets to team building a story board concept and the ultimate construction of your Photo-shoot for entering the most prestigious photo competition NAHA!You will learn:

•            How to build a portfolio for your career advancement

•            How to storyboard for a flawless photo-shoot

•            How to construct a winning NAHA entry