You can’t just be an expert in what you do and succeed?

Why not?… you ask? Well for one thing what makes the world go round is commerce and in today’s society it is social, word of mouth and still a little bit of who you know. All of those areas require you to be an expert in not only what you do but how you communicate it out and forward.

STAGES Speaking & Branding 2 Day Workshop provides you the skills, the tools and the safe environment to practice as you and an intimate group of no more than 20 begin to refine your message, cultivate your story, uncover and define your personal and business brand.

Whether you are in sales, education an business owner, entrepreneur or “solopreneur” this workshop is for you.

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  • Do you fear speaking in public?

  • Do you believe that sharing about yourself is expected?

  • Are you tired of being unclear in your message to potential buyers and possible referrals?

  • Do you know the sequence and strategy of building a powerful and connective presentation whether it is 30 seconds or 8 hours?

  • Are you aware of the impact of your personal story in emotionally connection with others?

  • Do you want to learn to captivate buyers with your story?

  • To be more comfortable and empowering on Facebook Live Instagram Stories or maybe even live or online courses?

Maybe You are at the point.....png
  • You have no idea how to begin getting your brand in front of others

  • You feel stuck because you have no time for marketing your business

  • You compare yourself to your competitors and feel small and lack confidence to get to the next level

  • Your growth has become stagnant because you are afraid to put yourself out there

  • You worry about freezing up every time you speak

  • You know if you don’t do something for your communication and branding skill you may fail in your business

What if....png
  • You had the confidence to speak with absolute clarity to 1 or 1000 people

  • Knew the power of how your personal content that connected you to your ideal client

  • Created a brand and brand message so strong that your business started prospering

  • Overcame the fear of speaking and speaking about yourself that is keeping you stuck

  • Curated your story that connects with your potential audience every time

  • Lead your own workshops and program that allows you to share your wealth of knowledge with others.

I get it... (1).png

“I had been working for companies most of my life so when I finally took the big leap to be an entrepreneur, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to talk about myself, my business and my products and how many hats I had to wear. Not to mention I started my business at the onset of the recession. I started to feel like a failure and thought I was not meant to be doing what I loved, teaching, training and speaking from my own business instead of speaking, educating and selling somebody else's. So instead I kept taking work that was paying the bills but not giving me the joy I have when I am creating and sharing my expert knowledge. Until I discovered the formula to help me feel more confident on selling myself and building my personal and business brand, and now it available for you!”

Bonnie Bonadeo, The Connection Coach

I am finally able to…

1.  Share my message with the world in a BIG way 
2.  Authentically speak my truth, have presence, and power…every time 
3.  Touch thousands of lives as I fulfill my purpose as I was meant to be! 
4.  Make the kind of prosperous income that I TRULY deserve! 
5.  Do what I love for a living, share my gift, and LIVE in my brilliance!

YOU can too ..png

"It only matters if your being an authentic and truthful speaker and STAGES Speaking and Branding Workshop helps you to uncover you, your story, Your brand, your purpose and how it is a contribution to others!”

Copy of Happy Birthday to You, Miranda!.png
Happy Birthday to You, Miranda! (1).png

Plus I’ve trained all Of these companies and 1000’s of Individuals

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Experience Fall.png

An opportunity that I promise to educate you, coach you, inspire you and transform you in one 2-day Workshop!

The TRANSFORMATIONal 2 Days Offers…

  • Get personal coaching and mentoring from us about your business & brand

  • Create your very own “Stand Out Story” 

  • Be crystal clear on your Ultimate client, your brand message, and your mission…putting an END to indecision forever! 

  • Uncover & discover your unique selling brand that will capture your buyers every time  

  • Leave the 2 -day course with your own Unique Brand and Marketing Strategy that you can apply right away

  • Learn how to deeply connect with your target audience, gain their trust, win their hearts, and confidently present your brand! 

Get Access to the propriety STAGING Method for Presentations, Networking, Marketing, Advertising and Social Stories and more…

Plus understanding the human hardwired system of connection and ENGAGEMENT

Discover who you are as a brand

With all of these tools, actions plans and methods, and your own liberating discoveries you will powerfully walk away with your own Unique Brand Message.

STAGES Speaking and Branding Workshop

The Academy at Jamison Shaw
2144 Hills Ave Suite G
Atlanta, GA 30318
September 15-16, 2019

Commit now for $997.00 or 3 payments of $350.00 before it’s sold out! (limited to 18 attendees)

It’s Time to Step Up On Your STAGE!



You’re Protected By My 
I Love This Training” Guarantee!
We are confident that when you arrive at STAGES, you will be thrilled! We’ll even give you until 12 pm on Day 2 to decide if it’s right for you…in your heart.  And if it’s not, we will give you a full 100% refund! I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, this event WILL prove to be life-transforming for you and your speaking business! * Due to the Limited Seats available for STAGES, we provide no refunds 45 days prior to event date but a STAGES Credit will be provided good for 1 year from registered date to join us again.

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Terms of Service: Due to the limited number of seats available, there will be no refunds 45 days prior to event date. Transfer of ticket is optional and must be approved by STAGES personal. Credit towards another STAGES or other produced event by The Beauty Agent Network or Bonnie Bonadeo is good for one year from event date or based on next events dates available.